Abdul Karim Al Faransi Tataouine: A Review. 

Abdul Karim Al Faransi Tataouine (AKAFT) was a curiosity buy. The Moth Woman was enticed to the brand by reading a series of posts on Fragrantica’s forum. Over the course a week, a fellow user wrote a detailed account of the evolution of another perfume in this company’s line, Baghdad, how it was difficult at first but mellowed to dirty leather and roses. It sounded fascinating. Having been lured to the site, the Moth Woman purchased a number of other scents as well; Tataouine was in that mix. It turned out to be the pick of the litter.

The Moth Woman’s initial impressions of AKAFT were of a soft white musk decorated with sweet, but unnameable, white flowers. These are without a trace of indole and vague, as if smelled from a distance. There is a hint of dirtiness in this scent though, something human, carnal.

As the oil warms, after about fifteen minutes, the white flowers become more defined and clearly jasmine sambac.

An hour in, hints of earth appear. The scent becomes cool and open, like air over water but this is effect does not come from menthol. This is not a mint-type coolness but identical to the feeling before a storm, captured naturalistically. This effect is quite startling on first encounter. At this point, the scent remains dirty and flowery, the white musk is backgrounded.

After hour and a half, the flowers take a break, replaced by sweetened petrichor.

Another two hours and it is dirty jasmine sambac again.

The volume picks up again around the three hour mark but the nature of the scent is largely unchanged.

Three and a half hours and it has a moment of renewed intensity. The white musk reappears.

By four hours, the white musk becomes cooler in tone, with added vegetal elements.

Five hours in, AKAFT has transformed into airy petrichor again. Only hints of the white musk and flowers accompany it at this point. This phase gives the impression of cold air coming off disturbed undergrowth.

By eight hours, it has neither changed in intensity nor composition.

Nine hours and it has reduced considerably in volume. The dirty note has re-emerged and combined with the white musk, overall giving the fragrance an incredibly intimate, almost sexual feel.

Longevity is around twelve hours. It never exceeding an arm’s length in throw throughout the wearing. As the perfume oil warms on the skin, it does pick up intensity but not projection. The Moth Man noted that around the two hour mark, it began wafting about the Moth Woman’s person and that this quality was very enticing.

If the Moth Woman had to describe AKAFT in a few words, then she would choose the following : Soft, subtly floral, airy and faintly dirty. It is the olfactory equivalent of a whispered secret. The scent is extremely well constructed and distinctly a perfume in the Oriental style. This is a white flower scent for people who struggle with this type of fragrance.

Available here.


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